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Raccoon hunting tips

There is plenty hunters should know before hunting raccoon. This page provides helpful tips and pointers to both new and experienced hunters.

Calling a raccoon

There are two different calling methods you can use.

Electronic calls play on a CD. These calls have many different sounds like a distressed bird, raccoon chatter, or a distressed raccoon pup. You can place some electronic calls at a distance and use a remote control to turn on the sounds.

Mouth calls create many different voices. Here are some popular mouth calls:

  • Reed calls. Cup one or both hands over the end of the tube, then blow while opening and closing. You will make a distressed squeal.
  • Exposed reed calls. Very similar to reed calls, but gently bite down on the exposed reed while blowing. This will alter the length of the amount of reed and will make a higher or lower pitched sounds.
  • Diaphragm calls. Turkey hunters use these calls. Place the tube in your mouth and keep it in position with your tongue. Exhale while varying the pressure to make a variety of calls.

Aggressive calls are effective during the mating season. Less aggressive calls are effective in the early season when there are less mature raccoons.

Hunting with dogs

You can train most dog breeds to hunt raccoon at night. The most common breed to hunt raccoons are coonhounds.

Typically, hunters release a hound at a site at night. The hound will find a raccoon scent and start barking as he follows the trail. The barking will intensify as the hound gains on the raccoon. The raccoon will try to avert the hound by climbing a tree. The hound's bark will change once it gets to the tree. The hound will stay and bark at the tree until the hunter arrives.

You can train raccoon hunting dogs throughout the year.

  • In the Spring to mid-Summer, look for raccoons around swamps, streams, and rivers. Raccoons hunt for crayfish and frogs here.
  • In the mid to late summer, look for raccoons in agricultural fields and berry patches.
  • In the fall to early winter, look for raccoons in and around cornfields. Once winter truly starts, hunting for raccoons is almost impossible.

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