Real Estate Continuing Education Course Listings

Classes for Brokers and Salespeople

RE105R108: Selling the Sun

RE104R18: Understanding the Basics of Reverse Mortgage

RE101C17: The Evolution of the Tenant Office Solutions

RE100C17: Commercial Real Estate Space: Methods to Measure Space and Impact on Tenant Rent

RE102C17: The New Era of Accounting for Real Estate Commercial Leases and Financial Statements

RE103C17: Property Assessments, Valuation, & Taxation in Commercial Real Estate

RE98R16: Residential Rental - Landlord/Tenant Issues - Part 1

RE99R16: Residential Rental - Landlord/Tenant Issues - Part 2

RE92C16 - National Economic Commercial Trends and The Commercial Real Estate Professional

RE97R15: Due Diligence in Seller(s) Representation in Residential Real Estate Transactions

RE96R15: Overview of Insurance in the Residential Real Estate Transaction

RE95C15: Commercial Real Estate Basics: Geographic and Financial Analysis

RE94C15: Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Basics: Principles and Concepts

RE93R15: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Effect on Real Estate Closings

RE91R14: Disclosures... Disclosures ... Disclosures

RE90R14 - Designated Agency

RE89R14: Purchase and Sale Agreement in Residential Transactions

RE88C14: Retail Trends on Lease Negotiations

RE87C14: Commercial Tenant Brokerage

RE86R14: High Performance Green Homes in Residential Real Estate

RE85C13: Commercial Condominiums

RE84RC13: Escrow / Escrow Agents / Escrow Accounts in Real Estate

RE83C13: Commercial Brokerage, Due Diligence and Marketing on the Lease of Real Estate

RE80C13: Commercial Lease Clauses of Tenant Concerns: Part III

RE81C13: Commercial Lease Clauses of Interest to Landlords: Part IV 

RE82C13: Miscellaneous Commercial Lease Clauses: Part V

RE79R13: 21E for Residential Real Estate

RE78R13: Short Sales

RE77C13: 21E for Commercial Real Estate

RE76R12: USDA/Rural Loans

RE75R12: Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans

RE74R11: Land Contracts, Lease Options and Deeds of Trust

RE73R11: Veterans Administration (VA) Loans

RE72C11: Commercial Buyer Brokerage

RE71C11: International Real Estate and Brokerage Practices

RE70C11: Commercial Lease Clauses: Part II

RE69C11: Commercial Brokerage: The Lease Offer and the Basics of a Lease: Part I

RE68C11: Investment Real Estate, Cash Flow Analysis

RE67C11: Commercial Brokerage Due Diligence and Marketing in the Sale of Real Estate

RE66C11: Anatomy of Commercial Building: The Basics

RE65C11: Advanced Industrial Real Estate Brokerage

RE64C11: The Business of Green and Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate

RE63RC10: Enviromental Issues

RE62RC10: Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

RE61RC10: Commercial Real Estate Loan Packages

RE60RC10: Commercial Real Estate Transactions

RE59R09: Smart Growth /Smart Energy

RE58RC09: Auction: 101

RE57R07: Brokerage Relationships

RE55R06: Leisure Homes, Second Homes & Age Restricted Housing

RE54R06: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Procuring Cause

RE51R06: Facilitator

RE49R05: Dual Agency

RE47R05: Residential Mortgage Loan Market and Credit Today

RE46R05: Residential New Construction

RE45C10: Overview to Industrial Real Estate - Basics

RE44R05: Understanding Title and Title Concerns

RE42R05: Property Management

RE41R05: Real Estate Advertising Compliance and the Law

RE39C05: Commonly Used Forms: Mandatory/Optional

RE38C05: Evolution of the Commercial Product - Advanced

RE36R05: Conducting Open Houses and Developing a Safety Plan

RE35RC03: Offers

RE34RC03: National Economic Trends and the Real Estate Professional

RE33RC11: Real Estate Brokerage Professional Ethics for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

RE31RC09: Commercial Leasing and Leasing Basics

RE32RC03: Technology and Real Estate Brokerage

RE29RC07: Investment Property Basics

RE28RC12: Foreclosures

RE27RC07: 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

RE26RC07: Appraisal Process

RE25RC08: Financing

RE23RC12: The Wetlands Protection Act

RE22RC13: Title V

RE21RC01: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

RE20R13: Lead Paint - Residential Sales and Rentals

RE19RC12: Fair Housing

RE18RC18: Property Assessments, Valuation and Taxation

RE16RC13: Zoning & Building Codes

RE15R07: Selling Historical Homes

RE14R07: Architecture

RE12R07: Condominiums, Cooperatives and Timeshares

RE11RC07: Antitrust

RE10RC07: General Real Estate Laws, Regulations and Practices

RE09R07: Residential Rental - Landlord/Tenant Issues

RE08RC12: Massachusetts Real Estate License Law and Regulations

RE07R13: Closing and Settlement

RE05RC12: Contract Law

RE04RC12: M.G.L. c. 93A, Consumer Protection & Business Regulation

RE03RC08: Real Estate Laws and Regulations for Owners and Managers

RE02R06: Buyer Agency

RE01R06: Seller Agency