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Regional Capital Assistance Team (RCAT) Program

The RCAT program provides experienced and skilled resources to help bolster and support the work of smaller LHAs throughout Massachusetts.

The RCAT program deploys 3 regional teams of technical assistance providers to assist smaller Local Housing Authorities (LHAs) in conducting physical property assessments, planning for and executing capital plans, developing maintenance plans and managing projects. The 3 teams are hosted by LHAs that have been selected via competitive procurement.

Major RCAT program objectives are summarized as follows:

  1. Increase the technical capacity available for smaller LHAs and, as a result, maximize the utility of DHCD’s capital program that currently disburses $90 million per year for the modernization and development of state public housing
  2. Facilitate collaboration across LHAs in order to capture economies of scale through bulk purchasing, bulk procurements, and other innovations.

RCAT Region Map

RCAT Host Housing Authority Program Administration


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