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Regional Planning

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO)

The MPO Activities Group in the Office of Transportation Planning coordinates the production of the MassDOT and MBTA annual Capital Investment Plan update. The team also serves as contact to the State’s 10  MPOs and 3 rural Transportation Planning Organizations.

What is an MPO?

An MPO is a federally required regional transportation policy-making organization made of representatives from local government, regional transit operators, and state transportation agencies. MPOs were created to ensure that existing and future expenses for transportation projects and programs were based on a “3-C planning process”:

  • Continuing – Planning must be maintained as an ongoing activity and should address both short-term needs and the long-term vision for the region;
  • Cooperative – The process must involve a wide variety of interested parties through a public participation process; and
  • Comprehensive – The process must cover all transportation modes and be consistent with regional and local land-use and economic-development plans
What do MPO's do?

MPOs create a fair and impartial setting for effective regional decision making in the metropolitan area with inclusionary approaches to effectively engage communities and stakeholders.

What are the MPOs and RPAs in Massachusetts

Each of the MPOs has co-terminus boundaries with the state created Regional Planning Agencies (RPAs). There is an MPO Activities Group team member assigned to each of MPOs. The MPOs/RPAs and links to their websites are listed:

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