Requesting data from the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Learn about requesting suppressed and individual-level unsuppressed data from the The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP).

The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) has a variety of data reports available to the public. These reports can be exported into .xlsx or .csv documents for analysis. Aggregate data is available down to the census tract level. Please first review all of the available data on the Lead Data and Reports page before considering a separate data request. We may already have what you are looking for!

If you still cannot find the data you are looking for, you may contact CLPPP to request the data you need.

Suppressed aggregate data

Data is suppressed when the number of children screened or case count is between 1-5 and the population or total screened is less than 1,200. These small numbers are suppressed to protect privacy. Smaller geographies (i.e. census tracts) require more suppression than larger geographies (i.e. counties or communities).

Fill out the public records request form and include all of the following information in the “summary of request” section:

  • Time period (calendar year, fiscal year)
  • Geography (state, county, community, census tract)
  • Type of data
    • Screening data
      • Age in months (0-71 months, 9-47 months, etc.)
    • Blood Lead level data
      • Age in months (0-71 months, 9-47 months, etc.)
      • Prevalence or incidence
      • Blood lead level (≥5 µg/dL, ≥10 µg/dL, etc.)
      • Test method (venous confirmed, capillary confirmed, single unconfirmed capillary)
    • Inspection data (request will include all event types, unless otherwise specified)

Individual-level unsuppressed data

If you require confidential data for your research purposes, you must receive approval from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Institutional Review Board (MA DPH IRB).

For more information and to apply for data access, please visit the MA DPH IRB website.