Resiliency Initiatives

For details regarding EOHLC’s Resiliency Practices and Goals, and for current Resiliency Award Applications

In 2020, EOHLC's Division of Public Housing completed its Climate Hazard and Resiliency Masterplan (CHARM). This study identified which state-funded public housing developments are vulnerable to flooding and extreme heat, provided useful tools for Housing Authorities to plan for extreme weather, and suggested improvements to the capital planning process. Please explore these resources, and help make state-funded public housing more resilient.


Resiliency Award Application

Resiliency Toolkit

This toolkit contains useful information for Housing Authorities to understand their climate vulnerabilities and take steps to mitigate them.

Emergency Preparedness Guidelines

All Local Housing Authorities should complete an Emergency Preparedness Plan like the one below. If a Local Housing Authority already has an Emergency Plan, please compare it against the plan below, and update the plan with any missing components


CPS Resiliency Improvements

CPS now identifies which Local Housing Authority developments are vulnerable to which climate hazards. To navigate this helpful addition to CPS, please refer to the PDF below.

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