Resources for adoptive parents

Congratulations! You’ve applied to adopt a child and make them a permanent member of your family. Learn about the resources that are available to you.


The Department of Children and Families (DCF) offers services to adoptive parents and their children to ensure that you have the support your family needs.

What to know

The Guide for Foster and Pre-Adoptive Parents also includes information about what you can expect and what’s available to you and your adopted child.

Financial support

Adoptive parents may be eligible for financial assistance depending on their adopted child’s special needs. You should contact your DCF social worker to apply for an adoption subsidy before you’ve legally adopted your child.

Health coverage

Most adopted children qualify for MassHealth coverage. You should contact your DCF social worker for more information.

Support for adoptive parents and their children

A number of post-adoption support services are available to children and parents in Massachusetts through Child & Family Services’ Adoption Journeys program, including:

  • Regional Response Team — A team leader, response worker, and parent liaison who can provide emergency support and advice to families
  • Support Groups — Groups for both parents and kids meet monthly around the state
  • Liaisons — Connections for families, parents, or children to someone else who’s shared their experience
  • Respite — Preplanned care and activities to help strengthen family bonds, give family members support or time off, or build friendships with others in their community

You can learn more about what’s available in the Adoption Journeys services guide.

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