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Review Project Files

MEPA files are public records, and are available for public review.

Members of the public may review files at the MEPA Office from 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or by appointment. We  recommend making an appointment to ensure a staff member is available to assist you and ensure the file you are looking for is available.

Each project reviewed by the MEPA Office has a unique identifier called the "EEA No." An EEA No. is assigned upon acceptance of an Environmental Notification Form (ENF).To request a MEPA file for review, provide the EEA No. This can be obtained by accessing the on-line MEPA database or Environmental Monitor.  If you do not have or cannot find the EEA No., you can search the Project Database by municipalty and/or contact Josie Wixon.

Files for projects that have an assigned EEA No. of 10140 or greater are located at the MEPA Office in Boston. Projects that have a lower EEA No. are archived and may take longer to retrieve.

A photocopier is available for use.  Copies cost 10 cents per page (cash or personal checks are accepted).  Some electronic copies may be available and can be saved to a USB drive. Bound documents can be borrowed for up to 4 hours (same day only) for copying (identification must be provided).  Other documents cannot be removed from the MEPA Office.