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Screening and response to a report of child abuse and neglect

When the Department of Children and Families (DCF) receives a report of abuse or neglect from either a mandated reporter or another concerned citizen, DCF is required to evaluate the allegations and determine the safety of the children.

What will I be asked when I file a report?

The DCF Screener will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Your name, relationship (if any) to the child(ren), address and phone number
  • Names, ages of the child(ren) about whom you have a concern and emergency contact information for them, language(s) spoken
  • Names, addresses, contact information, ages, language(s) spoken of parents/guardians of the child(ren)
  • Names and ages of other children in the family
  • Details about your concern – “What are your worries?”
    • The nature and extent of the suspected abuse or neglect, including any evidence or knowledge of prior injury, abuse, maltreatment, or neglect
  • Circumstances under which you became aware of injuries, abuse, or neglect
  • Dates and/or timeframes in which the maltreatment may have occurred
  • Action(s) taken thus far to treat, shelter, or otherwise assist the child(ren)
  • The identity of the person you believe may be responsible for the abuse / neglect (if known)
  • Any other information you believe might be helpful in establishing the cause of the injury and/or person responsible, or for making safe contact with the family
  • Any other information you believe would be helpful to ensuring the child’s safety and/or supporting the family to address the abuse and/or neglect concerns


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