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Shattuck Campus Redevelopment at Morton Street Proposal

The proposed project is for the long term lease of a portion of the land comprising the Lemuel L. Shattuck Hospital campus, located at 170 Morton Street in the city of Boston.

The project contemplates leasing up to 13 acres of land on the campus for a term up to 99 years for the development of behavioral and public health services, supportive housing, and open space. The lessee(s), who will be selected through a competitive process, will secure all necessary permits, approvals and funding.

On June 29, 2021 at 3pm, the Asset Management Board (AMB) voted on and approved a revised Final Project Proposal. The AMB reviews and approves proposed projects that involve the long-term lease of real estate assets held by state agencies, and enables a competitive disposition process (such as a Request for Proposals (RFP) process).

In early 2020, the Commonwealth completed a 12+ month vision planning process for the future use of the 13-acre Shattuck Campus in Jamaica Plain, resulting in the Vision Plan: Redevelopment of the Shattuck Campus at Morton Street. Please visit the Shattuck Campus Planning web page to learn more about the planning process.  

In December 2020, a Preliminary Project Proposal (PPP) was approved by the Asset Management Board (AMB). The PPP incorporates the Vision Plan goals, principles, and recommendations.

Find responses to a list of Frequently Asked Questions from the engagement process.

Public Comment

On April 13, 2021 the Commonwealth held a well-attended Public Hearing and received substantial verbal and written comment on the project. The comments from the Public Hearing, alongside additional written comments received directly by the Commonwealth, will be reviewed by the members of the AMB alongside a Final Project Proposal. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and questions about the project. Slides from the Public Hearing are available at Shattuck Campus Redevelopment Hearing.

Questions about the project can be sent to

For information on the Campus Visioning work from 2019-2020, please visit the Shattuck Campus Meetings webpage.

Project Documents

Project History – Supportive Housing

A portion of the Shattuck Campus at Morton Street was formerly the subject of a Preliminary Project Proposal (PPP) to the Asset Management Board (AMB) for the development of Supportive Housing. 

Project proponents, the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS), Department of Public Health (DPH) and Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) decided to table moving forward with a vote of the AMB on the Shattuck Supportive Housing long-term lease at their September 18, 2018 meeting.

This decision was reached in order to align and integrate this important supportive housing initiative with the overall Shattuck Campus Master Plan, which commenced in late August 2018.

When the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston first envisioned the concept of siting a supportive housing development on a portion of the Shattuck campus, the existing hospital and other programs were occupying most of the site. With the addition of a new and modern public health hospital to the Commonwealth’s portfolio (the Newton Pavilion), there is an ability to renew and redesign a larger portion of the Shattuck campus for public health purposes.

The project proponents remain strongly committed to the Supportive Housing project as part of the Shattuck Campus redevelopment.