Signs of Possible Sexual Exploitation/ Human Trafficking

Signs of Possible Sexual Exploitation/ Human Trafficking
  • Instability in Life Functioning: Youth lacks access to basic needs, including stable shelter, and is unable to engage in activities expected of her/his age.
  • Relationships: Youth’s relationships are concerning, placing him/her at risk or in danger.
  • Finances and Belongings: Youth has money or material goods that are incongruent with her/his life circumstances.
  • Use of Technology: Youth’s use of internet, cell phone or social media involves social or sexual behavior that is atypical for his/her age.
  • Physical Health: Youth has significant health problems related to sexual activity and lack of access to basic needs.
  • Risky Behaviors: Youth engages in dangerous or risky behaviors, e.g., spending time with abusive partners or in locations where exploitation is known to occur, running away or staying away overnight, using substances).
  • Trauma Exposure/Signs: Youth has been exposed to traumatic circumstances and/or exhibits signs and emotional symptoms of trauma exposure.
  • Coercion and Grooming: Youth exhibits behaviors or otherwise indicates he/she is being controlled or coerced by another person.
  • Exploitation: Youth has been exposed to sexual exploitation or victimization.


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