Springfield Data Center - Parking Policies and Procedures

Learn about the Springfield Data Center's parking policies and procedures. Check citation and towing policies, handicapped parking policies, visitor parking procedures, and more.

About parking

It is the policy of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) to allow only authorized personnel to park in select state facilities.  The use of a DCAMM issued Photo ID Access Card shall be required for admittance into the Parking Facility.  

No vehicle shall park in a Handicapped Accessible Parking Space without proper HP identification. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to tow and/or the loss of parking privileges.


To ensure a safe and orderly parking facility for authorized personnel. To state the procedure for removing vehicles using Springfield Data Center Facility without proper authorization.


It is the policy of DCAMM to have vehicles that create a hazard to the facility or its occupants removed from DCAMM Parking Facilities. DCAMM also reserves the right to have any vehicle that does not have the proper credentials displayed, and/or cannot be properly identified as an authorized vehicle, removed without warning. Such vehicles will be towed under DCAMM supervision and at the owner’s expense.


Any person who fails to follow designated parking procedures may be issued a Parking Citation by the Massachusetts State Police.

Temporary visitor parking

To accommodate agencies and constitutional offices by providing limited Temporary Visitor Parking for persons needing to travel the Springfield Data Center to conduct business with agents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It is the policy of DCAMM to provide temporary parking whenever possible for the use of visitors of tenant agencies.  Arrangements for Temporary Visitor Parking must be made between the Facility Manager and Agency Liaison.

All parking requests for Visitor Parking must be received by the Facility Manager at least 24 hours in advance. Such request must be in writing and must include the visitor’s name, and the make, model and registration number of the visiting vehicle.  

Due to the limited number of parking spaces, some requests will not be authorized.

Vehicle damage in parking facilities

It is the policy of DCAMM to assume NO responsibility for Loss of, or Damage to, vehicles parked in DCAMM Parking Facilities. By accepting parking privileges, users agree to save harmless the Commonwealth and its agents from any such Loss or Damage.

Handicap accessible parking

It is the policy of DCAMM that requests by Agency Liaisons for Handicapped Accessible Parking Spaces be made in the same manner as requests for regular spaces as outlined in the Handicap Accessible Parking Spaces are assigned from within any agency’s allotted number of parking spaces, not in addition to the authorized number of spaces assigned.  

All parking spaces in DCAMM lots, including Handicapped Accessible Parking Spaces, are assigned through Agency Liaisons.  

Photo ID Access Card Activity: It is the policy of DCAMM to maintain Photo ID Access Card activity records that are useful in sustaining and/or improving security and parking operations, such as lists of cardholders and a Transaction Log.

Bicycle parking

It is the policy of DCAMM to provide outdoor and/or indoor bicycle racks for the use of state employees who work in the State Facilities: Bicycles shall not be ridden or walked through the lobbies/hallways of the facility or parked in any Office Space or Common Space, except where designated for bicycle parking.  

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