Springfield State Office Building - Fire System Information

Learn about fire and alarm systems in the Springfield State Office Building.

About the fire system

The Springfield State Office Dwight St. Fire System Response is used for the planning and evacuation purposes. The evacuation response is a general evacuation for the entire building in the event of any alarm activation. Occupants of each affected floor should evacuate outside on Taylor Street and Lyman Street. For specific information please see the Springfield State Office Building Dwight Street Occupant Emergency Plan Floor Evacuation Chart.

About the alarm system

The Springfield State Office Building fire detection and alarm systems are fully automatic, and when activated, a number of operations happen simultaneously:

  • Springfield Fire Department is notified immediately
  • The Command Center is notified and trained employees are dispatched to the location.

The activation of the fire alarm system, sprinkler head, smoke detector, or pull station immediately notifies Building Security that an emergency situation exists, automatically summons the Springfield Fire Department, and signals the occupants in the building to evacuate.  Most fire alarm activations will call for evacuation. It is critical that all personnel exit the building immediately.  Do not re-enter the building until the Springfield Fire Department gives permission to do so.

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