State Ethics Commission Contact Information

Staff Directory

State Ethics Commission
One Ashburton Place, Room 619
Boston, MA 02108
Phone (617) 371-9500
Fax (617) 723-5851

Seek Advice

For questions and advice about how the conflict of interest law applies to you, please call the main number at (617) 371-9500 and ask for the Attorney of the Day, or you may electronically request an informal written opinion.

File a Complaint

To file a complaint if you believe someone has violated the conflict of interest law, please call the main number at (617) 371-9500 and ask to speak to an Investigator, or you may electronically file a complaint.

Schedule a Seminar

To request an educational seminar for your agency or organization, please call David Giannotti at (617) 371-9505 or the main number at (617) 371-9500.

Request Public Records

For information on public records or to request public records, please contact the Commission's Records Access Officer.

Staff Contact Information

Executive Administration

David A. Wilson, Executive Director 617-371-9519
Alice Wu, Chief Financial Officer/Director of Budget & Administration 617-371-9524
Robert Milt, Government Affairs Officer 617-371-9512
Nubia Villarroel, Receptionist 617-371-9500
Ashley Glennan, Receptionist 617-371-9500

Legal Division

Eve Slattery, Chief and General Counsel 617-371-9509
Lauren E. Duca, Deputy Chief/SFI 617-371-9503
Amy Bressler Nee, Staff Counsel 617-371-9527
Norah K. Mallam, Staff Counsel 617-371-9514
T. Michael McDonald, Assistant General Counsel 617-371-9516
Ting Chiu, Assistant General Counsel 617-371-9518
John C. McDonald, Assistant Agency Counsel 617-371-9508
Theresa Meli Omodei, Administrative Assistant 617-371-9511

Enforcement Division

Monica Brookman, Chief 617-371-9504
Candies Pruitt, Staff Counsel 617-371-9507
Victoria Giuliano, Assistant Enforcement Counsel 617-371-9501
Scott Cole, Special Investigator 617-371-9502
Brian McWilliams, Special Investigator 617-371-9520
Lynn Edmonds, Special Investigator 617-371-9523
Katelyn Farago, Special Investigator 617-371-9528
Paul Murray, Special Investigator 617-371-9515
Shawn McElroy, Special Investigator 617-371-9513
Jean Perry, Special Investigator 617-371-9521
Carolyn Teehan, Administrative Assistant 617-371-9517

Public Education & Communications Division

David Giannotti, Chief 617-371-9505
Gerry Tuoti, Senior Public Information and Communications Officer 617-371-9533
Arthur Xia, Senior Program Coordinator 617-371-9525
Tony Webb, Information Technology Specialist 617-371-9526