State Ethics Commission Contact Information

Staff Directory

State Ethics Commission
One Ashburton Place, Room 619
Boston, MA 02108
Phone (617) 371-9500
Fax (617) 723-5851

Seek Advice

For questions and advice about how the conflict of interest law applies to you, please call the main number at (617) 371-9500 and ask for the Attorney of the Day, or you may electronically request an Informal Written Opinion.

File a Complaint

To file a complaint if you believe someone has violated the conflict of interest law, please call the main number at (617) 371-9500 and ask to speak to an Investigator, or you may electronically file a complaint.

Schedule a Seminar

To request a seminar for your agency or organization, please call David Giannotti at (617) 371-9505 or the main number at (617) 371-9500.

Staff Contact Information

Executive Administration

David A. Wilson, Executive Director 617-371-9519
Alice Wu, Chief Financial Officer/Director of Budget & Administration 617-371-9524
Robert Milt, Government Affairs Officer 617-371-9512
Nubia Villarroel, Receptionist 617-371-9510
Susan Moorhead, Receptionist 617-371-9510

Legal Division

Pauline Nguyen, Acting General Counsel 617-371-9518
Lauren E. Duca, Acting Legal Division Chief 617-371-9503
Amy Bressler Nee, Staff Counsel 617-371-9527
Norah K. Mallam, Staff Counsel 617-371-9514
Kevin R. Larivee, Assistant General Counsel 617-371-9616
Theresa Meli Omodei, Administrative Assistant 617-371-9511

Enforcement Division

Monica Brookman, Chief 617-371-9504
Candies Pruitt-Doncaster, Staff Counsel 617-371-9507
Tracy Morong, Assistant Enforcement Counsel 617-371-9506
Paul M. Murray, Investigations Director 617-371-9501
Scott Cole, Special Investigator 617-371-9502
Brian McWilliams, Special Investigator 617-371-9520
Katelyn Farago, Special Investigator 617-371-9508
Timothy Gravel, Special Investigator 617-371-9523
Carolyn Teehan, Administrative Assistant 617-371-9517

Public Education & Communications Division

David Giannotti, Chief 617-371-9505
Gerry Tuoti, Public Information Officer 617-371-9533
Tony Webb, Information Technology Specialist 617-371-9526


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