State Office for Pharmacy Services (SOPS)

SOPS provides comprehensive pharmacy services to public sector healthcare organizations in a cost-effective, clinically responsible manner. 

The Office for Pharmacy Services provides the Commonwealth of Massachusetts an integrated system benefiting several separate and distinct agencies.  By standardizing policies and procedures, medication distribution systems and personnel systems, we have been able to raise the quality of pharmacy services and realize significant economic benefits.

We provide complete pharmacy services to the following:

The Massachusetts of Department of Mental Health

  • Worcester State Hospital
  • Taunton State Hospital 
  • Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center (Boston)
  • Corrigan Mental Health Center (Fall River)
  • Cape Cod and the Islands Mental Health Center (Pocasset)
  • Womens’ Recovery from Addiction Program

The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services

  • Hogan Regional Center (Danvers)
  • Wrentham Developmental Center

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health

  • Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (Boston)
  • Western Massachusetts Hospital (Westfield)
  • Tewksbury Hospital
  • Pappas Rehabilitation Center for Children (Canton)

The Massachusetts Department of Correction

  • MASAC (Bridgewater)
  • Bridgewater State Hospital  
  • Massachusetts Treatment Center (Bridgewater)
  • MCI Cedar Junction
  • MCI Concord
  • MCI Framingham
  • MCI Norfolk
  • MCI Plymouth
  • MCI Shirley Medium
  • MCI Shirley Minimum
  • North Central Correctional Center (Gardner)
  • Northeastern Correctional Center (Concord)
  • Old Colony Correctional Center (Bridgewater) 
  • Old Colony Minimum (Bridgewater)
  • Pondville Correctional Center 
  • South Middlesex Correctional Center (Framingham)
  • Sousa-Baranowski Correctional Center (Shirley)
  • Dukes’ County House of Correction
  • Suffolk County House of Correction

Sheriff’s Departments

  • Barnstable House of Correction
  • Berkshire House of Correction
  • Bristol House of Correction
  • Essex House of Correction
  • Franklin County House of Correction  
  • Hampden County House of Correction
  • Hampshire House of Correction
  • Middlesex House of Correction
  • Norfolk House of Correction
  • Plymouth County House of Correction

Soldiers’ Homes

  • Holyoke Soldiers’ Home
  • Chelsea Soldiers’ Home

Naloxone Bulk Purchasing Program available to Municipal First Responders.