State Office for Pharmacy Services (SOPS) Facilities

List of facilities served by the State Office for Pharmacy Services (SOPS)

We provide complete pharmacy services to the following:

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health

  • Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (Boston)
  • Western Massachusetts Hospital (Westfield)
  • Tewksbury Hospital
  • Pappas Rehabilitation Center for Children (Canton)

The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

  • Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital (WRCH)
  • Taunton State Hospital 
  • Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center (Boston)
  • Corrigan Mental Health Center (Fall River)
  • Cape Cod and the Islands Mental Health Center (Pocasset)
  • Womens’ Recovery from Addiction Program

The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services

  • Hogan Regional Center (Danvers)
  • Wrentham Developmental Center

    The Massachusetts Department of Correction

    • MASAC (Bridgewater)
    • Bridgewater State Hospital  
    • Massachusetts Treatment Center (Bridgewater)
    • MCI Cedar Junction
    • MCI Concord
    • MCI Framingham
    • MCI Norfolk
    • MCI Plymouth
    • MCI Shirley Medium
    • MCI Shirley Minimum
    • North Central Correctional Center (Gardner)
    • Northeastern Correctional Center (Concord)
    • Old Colony Correctional Center (Bridgewater) 
    • Old Colony Minimum (Bridgewater)
    • Pondville Correctional Center 
    • South Middlesex Correctional Center (Framingham)
    • Sousa-Baranowski Correctional Center (Shirley)

    Sheriff’s Departments

    • Barnstable House of Correction
    • Berkshire House of Correction
    • Bristol House of Correction
    • Dukes’ County House of Correction
    • Essex House of Correction
    • Franklin County House of Correction  
    • Hampden County House of Correction
    • Hampshire House of Correction
    • Middlesex House of Correction
    • Norfolk House of Correction
    • Plymouth County House of Correction
    • Suffolk County House of Correction

    Soldiers’ Homes

    • Holyoke Soldiers’ Home
    • Chelsea Soldiers’ Home

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