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Statewide Contract Opportunity for Hardware Stores

Information to Bid on the FAC105 Statewide Contract Opportunity
Image of a Hardware Store Front

The Operational Services Division (OSD) is expanding the current scope of the FAC105 Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Retail Products and Supplies Statewide Contract, inviting hardware stores to join the contract.

The reopening of FAC105 provides the opportunity for local hardware stores to participate in state contracting and will make it more convenient for public buyers to access MRO products and supplies through Statewide Contract.

The FAC105 bidding opportunity is posted in the state’s procurement portal, COMMBUYS. Link to the FAC105 bid document.

To be eligible to bid on this opportunity, businesses must be registered as a vendor in COMMBUYS.

Create a Business Profile in COMMBUYS Free of Charge

Many state procurement and purchasing activities take place in COMMBUYS. Set up a COMMBUYS business profile to receive solicitation notices in your areas of interest; submit quotes; and, if awarded a contract, transact business with the Commonwealth’s buyers.

COMMBUYS Resources and Activities

  • Set up your business profile by registering at COMMBUYS.com.
  • Find COMMBUYS vendor registration resources here.
  • All businesses must select at least one United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) when setting up their business profile. UNSPSCs are commodity codes that identify the goods/services your business offers and trigger email notifications when COMMBUYS bid opportunities match your business offerings. Vendors are encouraged to select any of the following UNSPSCs that align with their business and will have the opportunity to select others during registration:
    • Hand Tools (27-11-00)
    • Pneumatic Machinery and Equipment (27-13-00)
    • Structural Materials (30-26-00)
    • Plumbing Fixtures (30-18-00)
    • Lighting Fixtures and Accessories (39-11-00)
    • Electrical Equipment and Components (39-12-00)
    • Metal Cutting Tools (23-24-00)
    • Rope and Chain and Cable and Wire and Strap (31-15-00)
    • Bearings and Bushings and Wheels and Gears (31-17-00)
    • Gaskets and Seals (31-18-00)
    • Paints and Primers (31-21-00)
  • Reach the COMMBUYS Help Desk: Email COMMBUYS@mass.gov or call 888-MA-State (627-8283).