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Survivor Benefits (MSRB)

What to do when a pension benefit recipient, Option C beneficiary, or current active state employee passes away.

It’s important to report the death as soon as possible to the Massachusetts State Retirement Board (MSRB). Please furnish us with the following required information:

  1. Copy of the decedent's Death Certificate
  2. The full name of the Benefit Recipient, Option C Beneficiary, or Active Member
  3. Social Security Number or MSRB ID Number (if known)
  4. Date of Death
  5. A Contact's Name, Mailing Address and Phone Number
  6. Any questions or comments

Submit the copy of the Death Certificate and required information to the MSRB:

1. Mail it to our office: MA State Retirement Board, One Winter Street, 8th Floor Boston, MA 02108, or

2. You may also call the MSRB to report a death: (617) 367-7770  When you call, please be prepared to provide the information listed above.

Upon receipt of the Death Certificate and all relevant information, the instructions that the decedent made when they chose a retirement option will be carried out.

  • If the decedent was still employed or was a deferred retiree, the In-Service Member Death procedure will be followed.
  • If the decedent was an Option C Beneficiary, the member's benefit will be popped up to Option A after receipt of the decedents death certificate.

If you have questions, please send an email to:


Please note: if you have health, dental or life insurance questions, or wish to notify them of a death, you must contact the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) direct as they administer those benefits. Their number is (617) 727-2310 ext.2

The Massachusetts State Retirement Board and the Group Insurance Commission are two separate agencies. Thank you