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Teaching with Trout

Introduce your students to the concepts of ecology, population biology, water quality, and conservation. Students raise Brook Trout from eggs during the winter, then release them into approved lakes and streams in the spring. 
Brook trout fry from Palmer.

Program Goals

  • Connect students to their local environment
  • Teach about water quality and watershed health
  • Introduce conservation


Teachers will have to buy, or borrow, an aquarium set up. This costs roughly $1,300. Once a system is bought, maintaining it costs very little. If you are interested in Teaching with Trout, but the cost is prohibitive, please contact us. An aquarium system includes:

  • 55-gallon tank
  • Water chiller
  • Water filter
  • Water pump
  • Air pump
  • Water chemistry test kits
  • Reagents

MassWildlife staff are available to help with aquarium questions and troubleshooting. Hatchery field trips may also be arranged.


Caleb Slater, Anadromous Fish Project Leader at (508) 389-6331 or



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