The Equitable Business Opportunities Solution summary

The Equitable Business Opportunities Solution (EBO) provides tools to analyze contractor compliance with civil rights programs.

The EBO System allows government agencies to develop, install, and check Civil Rights, Labor Management and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs. These are based on the U.S Department of Transportation, 49 CFR Part 26 regulation.

You can tailor each analysis tool for a variety of options. For example, contractor tools can be analyzed by gender and relevant market.

Agencies can develop and analyze performance per 49 CFR Part 26 and court rulings. Prime and Subcontractors can monitor participating activities with tools such as:

  • Solicitation and Good Faith
  • Prompt Payment Analysis
  • Payments and Receipts
  • Employee List and Contract Assignment
  • Contract Work Hours and Certified Payroll
  • Contract OJT Assignment and Monitoring
  • Contract Goals Analysis
  • Labor Goals Analysis
  • Form 1391
  • Monthly Utilization Report
  • Consolidating Reporting

Monitoring and evaluating current and past performance

EBO has the necessary tools to manage ongoing and prior performances. The EBO system is flexible and actuals are compared to goals. They provide instant feedback to find problem areas and offer a solution.

Court rulings have stated that government entities can fix identifiable discrimination. Statistical evidence is the best method accepted by the courts. Under and over-utilization can be found using the Disparity tools available. With EBO's statistical evidence, it's possible to meet the courts' guidance in a timely and cheap manner.

EBO as a solution

EBO helps agencies manage 49 CFR Part 26 requirements. This streamlines the contract and workforce award and monitoring process. There is real time access to data and the elimination of data movement between agencies and contractors. This is because a single location on the internet holds all agency and contractor data. All contractors affiliated with the EBO licensed agency have access to the system and members of the agency.


EBO provides a cost-effective method to install 49 CFR Part 26-based programs. Statistical data provides updated data analysis, improving contract and organization monitoring. Consolidated reporting reduces time and cost to agencies and contractors. EBO identifies and corrects problems in meeting goals by providing contractors with data access and analysis. Every contractor on the EBO system has access to the same tools.