The Executive Office for Administration and Finance (A&F) FY20 data-driven performance

Learn how A&F uses data to improve your experience with state government.

The Baker-Polito administration is working hard to improve your experience with state government. To that end, A&F has been asked to identify our critical constituent-facing services and to track our ongoing efforts to improve their delivery. By selecting key metrics and measuring performance against annual targets, our goal is to provide you with the resources you need as simply, efficiently, and transparently as possible.

You can find out which metrics our agencies are tracking and how they’re performing on this page.

A&F’s Fiscal Year 2020 Performance

Executive Office for Administration and Finance (A&F)

 FY20 Metric FY20 Target
Develop and manage a balanced FY 2020 operating budget Sign and maintain a balanced operating budget through FY 2020 (6/30/2020)


Appellate Tax Board (ATB)

FY20 Metric FY20 Target
Reduce number of pending appeals Reduce pending appeals by 10%
Increase Use of Mediation sessions Schedule 85 Mediation sessions
Increase number of hearings outside Boston 15% increase in number of hearings scheduled outside Boston


Civil Service Commission (CSC)

FY20 Metric FY20 Target
Reduce percent of decisions overturned Ensure that less than 3% of all decisions issued are overturned
Timely dispose of appeals Dispose of 80% of all appeals filed within 9 months


Department of Revenue (DOR)

FY20 Metric FY20 Target
Process returns timely 4-6 weeks for e-file returns, 8-10 weeks for paper filed returns
Process returns timely 90% of e-file returns will be processed in less than 1 week
CSE: Reduce the amount of time from creation of a child support enforcement case to establishment 5% reduction from 10 days
CSE: Increase the number of child support cases that reach establishment 10% increase
DLS: Tax rate processing time 85% within 5 business days
DLS: Balance Sheet (Free Cash) processing time 65% within 10 business days


Division of Administrative Law Appeals (DALA) 

FY20 Metric FY20 Target
Reduce inventory of retirement cases 15% reduction in backlog of retirement cases


Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)

FY20 Metric FY20 Target
% reduction of paper file storage to improve space utilization.  Accomplished through digitizing and managing documents via Electronic Content Management (ECM) 50% reduction in paper construction records stored on 15th floor Ashburton measured by number of file cabinets eliminated.  Baseline is 80 large cabinets with a target of < 40 remaining by end of FY2020.  
% of DCAMM's existing digital library integrated into new OnBase ECM platform, improving operations by expanding agency-wide access to information Integrate into OnBase by the end of FY2020 70% of the 190,000 items in our existing digital library related to planning, design, and construction projects.
Percentage of projects with a Change Order Rate of 12% or less 75%


Group Insurance Commission (GIC)

FY20 Metric FY20 Target
Continue to achieve pharmacy trend mitigation via GIC's consolidated PBM relationships Achieve a $170M reduction in pharmacy costs relative to trend


Human Resources Division (HRD)

FY20 Metric FY20 Target
Maintain and track the Workers’ compensation indemnity costs for Executive Office Agency claims  Maintain workers' compensation indemnity expenditure levels for Executive Office Agency claims using the current baseline of $15M per fiscal year
Reduce time to develop and publish the eligibility list for public safety employment (police, fire, and corrections) from the date of civil service exam administration 50% reduction in time to score exam and 50% reduction in the time to establish eligibility lists (from 120 to 60 days.)


Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD)

FY20 Metric FY20 Target
Maintain number of overall trainings to FY19 Levels Conduct 140 trainings
Maintain service levels for intake and advocacy calls 3,100 intakes with 300 instances of technical assistance/advocacy


Operational Services Division (OSD)

FY20 Metric FY20 Target
Implement telematics service 750 vehicles
Increase Spend Under Management 3% growth
Reduce SDO certification processing time 10%


State Library (LIB)

FY20 Metric FY20 Target
Improve metadata for retrospective collections Enhance metadata for 2,000 items
Digitize, repair, and re-house collection of State House architectural plans Complete all work on 2,500 State House architectural plans
Repair and digitize selected historical collections of tax valuations Complete repair and digitization of all 15 tax valuations