Trapper Education courses

You must complete Trapper Education in order to apply for a Trap Registration certificate.

Completion of a Trapper Education course is mandatory for first-time trappers and Problem Animal Control (PAC) agents to apply for a Massachusetts trap registration certificate. A Massachusetts trap registration certificate is required to trap on the land of another is valid for two (2) years and must be renewed biennially.

To qualify, complete a Trapper Education course from any U.S. state or complete the online North American Trapper Education Course.

All courses are free of charge and open to the public. 

Trapper Education course listing

No in-person Trapper Education courses are currently available in Massachusetts. 

However, another option is to complete the free, self-paced, online North American Trapper Course available at

Successful completion of the online North American Trapper Course is recognized for the purpose of applying for a Trap Registration certificate and Applying to Become a PAC Agent.

When accessing the online course, we recommend using a laptop or computer as the course can be difficult to navigate from a smartphone.

Bailey and Hancock Traps

The in-person Massachusetts Trapper Education course includes the training required to use Bailey and Hancock traps. Both a Trapper Education Certificate and a Bailey-Hancock Certificate are issued to students who successfully complete a Massachusetts Trapper Education course.

Contact the MassWildlife Hunter Education program at if you have already completed Trapper Education elsewhere but specifically wish to be trained to use Bailey and Hancock traps.

Other opportunities

If you prefer an in-person course, and no in-person Massachusetts courses are available, you may find it worthwhile to view Trapper Education courses offered outside of Massachusetts -

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