Trout stocking report (state view)

The following map shows waterbodies that have been stocked this fall.

Click here to view a sortable list of waterbodies that have been stocked this fall.

Click here for a list of all waters that have been and will be stocked this year.

How it works

Anglers seeking stocking reports for a particular water body or town should use the table to locate information. Type the name of the water body or town into the search window to find all stocking reports for that location. The table also allows users to sort based on an attribute including townwater bodystocking datetype of fish, or district. Note: All districts are now displayed on the same table.

The new map component of the stocking report allows users to zoom and pan to regions of the state and discover new destinations for fishing. The default map view shows the entire state, zoom to the area you would like to explore and then click on any thumbtack icon to view the dates and types of fish that have been stocked at that location. Stocking locations on streams are accurate, but fish swim, so be sure to investigate other reaches of the stream as well.

Don’t forget your fishing license - available online at MassFishHunt, at MassWildlife offices, or at license venders. The stocking report is still subject to change depending on staffing, equipment, and weather conditions.


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