Vaccine information for healthcare and public health professionals

Healthcare and public health professionals are key partners in ensuring that Massachusetts residents are fully vaccinated.

As an immunization provider, you play a key role in helping to ensure the safety and efficacy of vaccines through proper:

  • Vaccine storage and handling
  • Vaccine administration
  • Timing and spacing of vaccine doses
  • Observation of precautions and contraindications
  • Management of vaccine side effects
  • Reporting of suspected side effects
  • Communication about vaccine benefits and risks

There are several best practices and general guidelines to assist you in your role as an immunization provider:

Advisories and Alerts

This page lists the clinical advisories and other alerts from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Immunization Division.

Vaccine Management

This page includes information on how to enroll in the Immunization Division, proper vaccine storage and handling guidance, and related vaccine policies.

Vaccine Administration and Clinical Guidance

This page reviews communication on vaccine decisions, vaccine administration, clinic protocols, provider resources, and model standing orders.

Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS)

This page gives an overview of the Massachusetts web-based immunization registry as well as information for parents, patients, and providers.

School Immunizations

This page reviews school immunization requirements, school immunization data, and guidance on interpreting the data and resources for school nurses.

Vaccine Preventable Diseases

This page review vaccine-preventable incidence, immunization coverage rates, and other resources.