Verify psychomotor skills for NREMT certification

If you are seeking National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification at the EMT level, but your last psychomotor exam is no longer valid, there are steps you can take to receive verification.

Who is eligible for a psychomotor verification?

Skills verification is available in place of repeating a full psychomotor, or practical, exam. You can get verification if you:

  1. Are applying for certification as an EMT-Basic for the first time and:
    • Have passed the psychomotor exam within two years of your course end date, but
    • The one-year period of validity of your psychomotor exam has passed.
  2. You are a current EMT-Basic certified in Massachusetts and:
    • You are seeking NREMT certification for the first time more than two years after you have completed your course and passed your psychomotor exam.

For more information about the requirements for Instructor/Coordinators (I/Cs) at Massachusetts accredited training institutions or Training Officers at affiliated ambulance services to carry out the psychomotor skills verification, please see AR 2-319: Psychomotor Skills Verification in Lieu of Full Psychomotor Exam, for Certain EMTs to Obtain NREMT EMT Certification (DOC).

How do I receive a psychomotor skills verification?

Verification of psychomotor skills must be completed by either:

  • An instructor/coordinator at a Massachusetts accredited training institution
  • A training officer at an affiliated ambulance service

Submit the completed NREMT Psychomotor Skills Verification Form (DOC) to NREMT by fax or mail.

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