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Ware River Watershed Advisory Committee (WRWAC)

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WRWAC advises the Division of Water Supply Protection on its policies and regulations regarding recreational activities, land use and environmental, wildlife and habitat matters within the Ware River watershed. The committee is comprised of people representing:

  • the Massachusetts Council of Sportsmen
  • the Worcester County League of Sportsmen
  • Trout Unlimited
  • a rod and gun club located in the town of Barre, Hubbardston, Oakham or Rutland
  • a designee of the board of selectmen of each of the towns of Barre, Hubbardston, Oakham and Rutland
  • a representative of the historical societies in each of the towns of Barre, Hubbardston, Oakham and Rutland
  • a representative of the Massachusetts Wildlife Federation
  • a representative of the Massachusetts Audubon Society
  • a representative of the Sierra Club
  • a representative of the Upper Ware river Watershed Association
  • 1 member from the general public

WRWAC Members

Massachusetts Council of Sportsmen: Robert Carey, William Label (Alternate – Mike Moss)

Worcester County League of Sportsmen: John Root (Alternate – Dave Papale)

Trout Unlimited: Jeffrey Schaaf, Co-chairman

Rod and Gun Club: Joe Cataldo (Alternate – Brian Waterman)

Barre Selectboard: Martha Varnot  (Alternate – Edward Yaglou)

Hubbardston Selectboard: Thomas Bratko

Oakham Selectboard: Thomas Hughes (Alternate – Phillip Warbasse)

Rutland Selectboard: Charles R. Williams (Alternative - Brett Russ)

Barre Historical Society: Margo Petracone (Alternate – Peg Frost)

Hubbardston Historical Society: vacant

Oakham Historical Society: Wes Dwelly (Alternate – Bill Mucha)

Rutland Historical Society: Helen Viner (Alternate – Tim Nahrwold)

Massachusetts Wildlife Federation: Bill Westaway, Co-chairman  (Alternate – Thomas Berube)

Massachusetts Audubon Society: Martha Gach

Sierra Club: Matt Hopkinson

Upper Ware River Watershed Association: Donald Rich (Alternate – Edward Yaglou)

General Public:  Mark DuBois  (Alternate – Dave Small)

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