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Weeds Watcher Program

Learn how you can help prevent the spread of invasive weeds in Massachusetts waters.


A key goal of our Lakes and Ponds Program is to prevent further infestation of Massachusetts' lakes and ponds by exotic invasive aquatic plants. We also want to work towards controlling and removing existing populations of exotic invasive plants.

To meet this goal we have developed a program to train local lake groups to monitor their ponds for the presence of exotic invasive species and to develop a removal plan if an infestation is found. If a pioneer infestation of invasive exotic species is identified early, there is a greater chance that the plant can be eradicated before it becomes established in the lake or pond. Once invasive species are established they are almost impossible to remove and very expensive to control. Invasive species spread rapidly and form dense mats that can make boating, fishing and swimming impossible. As the recreational and aesthetic value of the lake declines, property values around the lake also decrease.

By monitoring your lake or pond you are taking an active role in ensuring the protection of your lake for the future.

Request a weed watcher training

Email to or to set up a training for your lake group.


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