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ZNEB: Energy Labeling for Commercial Buildings

Establishing a Building Energy Asset Labeling Program in Massachusetts

DOER Releases White Paper on Energy Labeling for Commercial Buildings

A new Department of Energy Resources (DOER) white paper, "An MPG Rating for Commercial Buildings: Establishing a Building Energy Asset Labeling Program in Massachusetts," lays out a series of concepts and preliminary recommendations associated with the development of a commercial building energy asset rating and labeling program.

This proposal equates building labeling with the familiar car performance rating of miles per gallon (MPG), and continues Massachusetts' exploration of innovative and cost-effective solutions that reduce buildings' energy use, costs, and associated greenhouse gas emissions. It is designed to provide clear and actionable energy information about a building's potential energy performance, increase the value of good energy performance in the marketplace, and lead ultimately to greater uptake of efficiency investments.

Commercial Asset Rating White Paper Slides (from public meeting and webinar) 


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