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Blindness Registry

MCB developed a web-based reporting application that allows optometrists and ophthalmologists from all over the state to complete and submit the agency’s Mandatory Report of Legal Blindness form online.

Eye Care Providers have the option of submitting a patient's most recent eye examination results either electronically, via fax or email. MCB encourages eye care providers to use the electronic submission of eye reports for quick and efficient registration.

1. Eye examinations can be submitted electronically via the link below.

The new registration system does not best support Internet Explorer. For a better user experience, please use a Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browser. If you have any difficulties, call (617) 626-7415 or email BlindnessRegistry@mass.gov.

2. Eye examinations can be emailed to BlindnessRegistry@mass.gov.

3. Eye Examinations can be faxed to 617-350-7959.

Once an eye care provider is enrolled and has been issued a username
Benefits of online reporting include:

- Simplifies eye care providers' compliance with Massachusetts General
Laws Chapter 6, Section 136, which requires all eye care providers to
report all cases of legal blindness to MCB within 30 days

- Increases reporting of individuals that are legally blind

- Enables MCB to offer access to needed services in a timely manner

- Improves public health surveillance of legal blindness and associated

- Increases efficiency and accuracy of online forms versus mailed or faxed forms

- Makes registration more efficient

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