Eligibility for MCB Services & Registration Process

An eye care provider must register a patient. A patient cannot register themselves with MCB.

To be eligible to receive services from Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), a person must be:

Definition of legal blindness:

  • Vision with correction of 20/200 or less in the better eye; or
  • Peripheral field of ten degrees (10°) or less, regardless of visual acuity

All eye care providers must report within 30 days all cases of legal blindness to MCB pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 6, Section 136.

Eye care providers must file a Mandatory Report of Legal Blindness with MCB for each patient they declare legally blind. MCB will review the report and certify the determination of legal blindness.

MCB’s Blindness Registry will mail a letter of determination to the patient and the eye care provider.

If MCB certifies the determination of legal blindness, the patient will become registered with MCB and assigned a counselor.

The MCB counselor will contact the newly registered consumer for a complete explanation of benefits, programs, and services.

A person must be registered with MCB to receive services from the agency. All referrals for services should be made to the counselor assigned to the consumer.

A person registered with MCB is not eligible for a driver's license from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles as their vision does not meet the requirements. 

For questions about the registration process or status, contact the MCB Blindness Registry: 

Massachusetts residents who have a visual impairment, but have not been declared legally blind, may contact the Massachusetts Assocation for the Blind and Visually Impaired at 888-613-2777 or mabvi@mabcommunity.org to inquire about services.

Contact for Eligibility for MCB Services & Registration Process

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