Deaf Blind Extended Supports (DBES) Unit

DBES provides services to consumers who are deaf blind and or legally blind with cognitive issues, via counselors who are skilled in the basic use of American Sign Language (ASL) and or a variety of alternate communication methods.

Services include vocational, prevocational and social day programs, respite, adaptive equipment, low vision aides, flex funding, etc. Residential placement is an option for those deaf blind consumers who have turned age 22 and MCB is identified as the State of Massachusetts lead agency. In addition, the MCB DBES unit can assist with the transition from school to living in the community, a process that often requires coordination with other service providers. The MCB DBES unit’s goal is to enhance each consumer’s independence and overall quality of life.

Email to reach the DBES team or call 617-626-7466.

Video phone options are available to connect live with the DBES team via ASL.

VP: 857-366-4198
VP: 413-304-2434

For more information, please contact Lesli Baker Johnson, Director of DeafBlind Extended Supports (DBES) at