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Drinking Water Public Health Orders

Look up the status of all drinking water public health orders issued by MassDEP. If you have specific questions about your town's health order, contact your local public water supplier.

Public health orders are issued by MassDEP to local public water suppliers when there are issues with public drinking water. The public water supplier must notify its customers when MassDEP issues an order. At that time, the water supplier must take appropriate corrective action, monitor the water supply, and notify customers when the problem is fixed and the order is lifted. Use this service to find all public health orders for drinking water. You can search by the town, the status of the order, and the order type. MassDEP updates this database within 24 hours for orders issued during the work week. Orders issued on holidays or weekends update within 24 hours of the next business day. For more information about a current order, check your community's website or contact your local water department. Email comments about this site to: