Enterprise Print Services

The EOTSS Enterprise Print Platform is an application service that delivers a highly available, low maintenance print platform to all Commonwealth Executive Branch agencies.

The EOTSS Enterprise Print Platform supports the Modern Workplace Framework, reduces generation of paper documents and allows for secure release of documents. The Enterprise Solution includes two components: Printer Logic and AutoStore.

PrinterLogic SaaS

PrinterLogic SaaS is a platform that lets enterprises centrally manage and deploy network printers or eliminate print servers altogether while maintaining all the functionality they used to provide. PrinterLogic SaaS also allows your end-users to install their own printers with a web-based printer installation portal for your entire enterprise.

End User Components:

  • The Self-Service Portal
  • The Workstation client


AutoStore, used in conjunction with PrinterLogic, is an application that is used to capture, process, and route paper from multi-functional devices into document repositories and email.

Standard Scanning Workflows Enabled:

  • Scan to OneDrive
  • Scan to SharePoint
  • Scan to Email

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