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EZDriveMA is Massachusetts' all electronic tolling program. There are 4 ways to pay your tolls.

The program operates without toll booths, barriers, or gates. This allows traffic to move through tolling points at posted highway speeds. EZDriveMA ends sudden braking and congestion that occurred at toll plazas. It improves air quality, and saves you time and money. There are 4 toll payment methods. E-ZPass MA is a prepaid transponder-based account option with discounted tolls. E-ZPass is a prepaid transponder issued by a toll agency from another state. Pay By Plate MA Registered is a license plate-based account option. Pay By Plate MA Invoice is a license plate-based invoice option. If you have questions concerning E-ZPass MA or Pay By Plate MA please contact us at (877) 627-7745 or by email:


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