Disability parking abuse complaint form

The disability parking abuse program is used to report someone who may be misusing an RMV disability parking placard or plate.

You will need:

Individual disabilities are not always visible therefore the RMV asks that reports be based on facts or personal knowledge rather than suspicions. For example, if you see a person carrying a load of bricks to her/his vehicle, which is parked in a designated parking space with a placard hanging from the mirror, this would likely be reportable. On the other hand, if you see a person walking with no apparent difficulty into the grocery store from her/his vehicle but you have no other indications of abuse, this may not be an indication of parking abuse.

While the RMV cannot give you information about the outcome of a complaint, an individual found to be misusing a Disability Placard or Disability Plate is subject to fines, loss of disability Parking privileges, and even license suspension.