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Food Security Application Questions

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Selections will be made based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to Address Demonstrated Food Insecurity Challenge: the project will help connect the local food production and distribution system to communities and residents facing food insecurity, helping to alleviate immediate needs and ensuring stronger long-term access to food for all residents
  • Equity: The applicant is able to show how the proposed project will increase equitable access to food, particularly healthy local food for residents of the Commonwealth who have historically experienced food insecurity, live in food deserts, and lack access to local food options particularly communities of color, Gateway Cities, low income residents, and environmental justice neighborhoods.  Projects that support minority and urban producers and minority and woman owned businesses are also encouraged to apply.
  • Demonstrated Economic Impact & Need: The entity is able to quantify and demonstrate economic impact related to COVID-19 and to show how this project will mitigate or relieve that impact, with a priority of increasing local food supply to help mitigate future food supply and distribution disruption.
  • Proposed Use of Funds and Support: The proposed use of funds demonstrates that funds will be used effectively to adapt to disruptions in the food supply chain. Consideration will be given to proposals that lead to increased food access for food insecure and vulnerable communities such as Gateway Cities, communities of color, and low-income census tract populations in rural and urban communities.  Proposals that seek to achieve the objectives identified in the Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan will receive additional consideration.
  • Feasibility of Action Plan: The entity is likely able to meet its defined objectives through proposed use of resources during the period of the grant (through June 30, 2021).
  • Sustainability & Scalability of Efforts: The entities’ efforts are able to be sustained beyond initial funding and support and have the potential to be broadened, replicated, and scaled to address not only this food crisis, but others in the future to build the overall resiliency of the Commonwealth’s system.

For SNAP/HIP projects only:

Applications for SNAP/HIP projects will be evaluated separately on the following criteria:

  • Ability to Support Producer Readiness to Accept SNAP/HIP benefits: The entity will use grant funds for SNAP EBT equipment, technical support, or outreach to support producers in processing SNAP/HIP benefits. 
    • Note: Requests to add HIP access points must be approved by DTA before grant applications for HIP-processing equipment will be approved.