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Local Acquisitions for Natural Diversity (LAND) Grant Program APPLICATION FORM – FY 2023

Please fill out the form below (* indicates required field)


  • The application can be saved while working on it. Click “Save and Resume Later” at the bottom of the form and then click on “Save and Get Link.”  A link to the application will be provided which must be copied and saved in order to return to the application.  A good way to ensure that the link is not lost is to email it to yourself. 
  • Please note that documents can not be saved before submitting the application.  If you leave the application, any files that have been attached must be uploaded again upon re-entering the site.  Therefore we recommend uploading documents as just prior to submitting the application, not before. 
  • Total size of all documents attached to the online form cannot exceed 25 MB. 
  • Please upload files to the online form as PDFs if possible (unless otherwise specified).
  • Please label all files uploaded consistently using the format as follows: [Name of municipality]_[Shorthand of project title]_[Name of attachment from attachment checklist]_LAND.