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Request an appeal for Paid Family and Medical Leave

If you submitted your application online, submit an appeal at paidleave.mass.gov. Otherwise, an appeal request can be submitted using this form.

You must appeal a decision about your Paid Family and Medical Leave application within ten (10) calendar days of receiving a notice about the decision. If you file an appeal later than ten (10) calendar days, you must communicate on the form that you missed the deadline for reasons beyond your control.

You will need:

  • Your application ID from your DFML notice

Alternatively, call us at (833) 344-7365 from 8am–5pm ET and we will mail you an Appeal Request form.

Once you file your appeal, you will have a right to a hearing if you choose. The hearing will be conducted in accordance with the Standard Rules of Practice and Procedure, as found in Massachusetts regulations 801 CMR 1.02 (Informal/Fair Hearing Rules). 

Although such representation is not required, any party may be represented at the hearing by counsel or agent. If you desire counsel and aren't able to engage one in private practice, you may meet the criteria for obtaining assistance. Visit Finding Legal Help for further information regarding free legal services.  

If you received a denial for paid leave from a private carrier, you must first appeal with them. If they deny your appeal, you can then use this form to appeal that denial.