Apply for an Initial EMT, Advanced EMT, or Paramedic Certification

You may apply for Massachusetts Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification at all levels online or by mail. We recommend applying online using the eLicensing system.

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Before you apply

Before applying for Massachusetts EMT certification at any level, you must have certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) at the level for which you are applying.

You will also need:
  • A completed application
  • A non-refundable certification fee
If you are applying with a paper application, you will also need to provide:
  • A copy of your NREMT card
  • A copy of both sides of your current Basic Life Support CPR card
  • A copy of both sides of your current Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) card (for Paramedic level only)


If applying online, the certification fee must be paid using credit card or eCheck. If applying by mail, the certification fee must be paid by check or money order made out to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Please note, the fee is non-refundable.

Name Fee
Certification fee $150

How to apply online

The typical processing time is 10 business days for a complete online application.

There are two methods to apply for initial certification of all levels of EMT. The recommended method is online, using the eLicensing system.

eLicensing allows online submission of applications and payment via credit card or bank routing information. The typical processing time for a complete application is 10 business days, and your application can be tracked online using this method.

Before you can apply online, you must create an account to access eLicensing.

To create an account:
  1. Go to the Mass Department of Public Health Online Licensing portal
  2. On the left side of the screen, select Register a Person
  3. Once you have registered, log in to your account
  4. On the main page, select Apply for a License
  5. If any special circumstances apply, submit any and all necessary additional documents to:
    Office of Emergency Medical Services
    67 Forest Street
    Marlborough, MA 01752

For full step-by-step instructions, use Initial Certification Instructions (using eLicensing) | (DOC)

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How to apply by mail

Paper applications typically process in 2-3 weeks once the complete application and all documents are received.

If you are applying by paper, please use the following certification forms for the level you are applying for.

Advanced EMT
EMT Paramedic

Mailing your application

Send your completed paper application, all required documents, and certification fee to:

Office of Emergency Medical Services
67 Forest Street
Marlborough, MA 01752

Special circumstances

  • If you have answered “Yes” to Question 1, and have ever held EMS certification or licensure in another state, please also include the Out of State Verification form: State verification of EMS licensure and/or certification | (DOC). Please complete the top portion and send to the state(s) where you have previously been certified, and they will return to the MA Department of Public Health (DPH). You may find contact information for state EMS agencies here
  • If you have answered “Yes” to Question 2, and ever been certified or licensed as another type of healthcare provider in Massachusetts in another jurisdiction, please submit a copy of that license, by mail or email, to the Office of Emergency Medical Services (contact information listed above).
  • If you answered "Yes" to Question 4 on the application, please submit a CORI packet that includes:
    1. A CORI acknowledgment form: Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Acknowledgment Form | (DOC)
    2. A detailed written explanation concerning the circumstance(s) in question
      • Forms must be notarized based on a government-issued photo ID and include the signature of a Notary Public with the stamp or seal on page 3. Notaries are commonly found at banks
      • When complete, the form must be submitted by mail to the address listed at top of form
  • If you do not have a Social Security Number (SSN), contact NREMT to arrange for certification. Once complete, you must apply for MA certification using the paper application and complete the Affidavit for EMT applicant without a Social Security Number | (DOCX). You cannot apply online.

Additional Resources for Special circumstances

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