Commonwealth MDM & MAM

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) is a cloud-based service that enables mobility for end users while ensuring adherence to security policies on both Commonwealth-issued and BYOD (personal) mobile devices. This service allows us to securely manage access to Commonwealth applications, data, and resources on cell phones and tablets.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM, or Mobile Device Management, allows the Commonwealth to control which applications, data and services you can access on your Commonwealth-issued iPhone or iPad. 

Which devices?

Commonwealth-issued iPhones and iPads

What does it do?

  • Manages the applications and data you can access from your device
  • Views all device information
  • Forces patching and updates on your device
  • Finds/resets/deactivates/wipes your device
  • Removes the Apple App Store*

Note on Apple IDs

You must use a Commonwealth-issued Apple ID on your Commonwealth-issued iOS device. 

During device setup, the only credentials you will be prompted for are your Commonwealth AD username and password.  In order to use the iMessage feature, you must sign in through Settings using your Commonwealth-issued Apple ID.

*Any and all iOS apps you require may be downloaded from the Company Portal.  You will not be able to download apps from the Apple App Store.  The only apps you will be able to download are Commonwealth-approved apps via the Company Portal.

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Mobile Application Management (MAM)

MAM, or Mobile Application Management, allows the Commonwealth to manage ONLY Commonwealth applications and data.

Which devices?

All other mobile devices, including non-iOS Commonwealth-issued cell phones/tablets and personal mobile devices

What does it do?

  • Secures access to Commonwealth applications and data from your device
  • Blocks/removes Commonwealth applications and data from your device when appropriate
  • Blocks Commonwealth data from being copied to non-Commonwealth approved applications
  • Views certain pieces of information, such as device model and serial number, in order to protect the security of and access to Commonwealth applications and data on your device

What will I see?

The next time you open a Microsoft O365 Commonwealth app like Word, Outlook, or Excel, you will receive a notification (see screenshot below) and may be asked to restart the app.  That’s it!

image of notification IT admin now protecting data MAM

Note on Personal Info

If you are concerned about privacy, please note that the Commonwealth cannot see or touch your personal information when MAM is applied to your personal device(s)

The Commonwealth is unable to:
  • Manage, access or remove non-Commonwealth applications and data from your device (including your text messages, photos, personal email, the Apple App Store, etc.)
  • Force patching and updates on your device
  • Find/reset/deactivate/wipe your device
  • View all device information

When you use Commonwealth applications and resources on your personal device, you give permission to view certain pieces of information, such as device model and serial number.  This information is used to determine if your device is patched and up to date, and meets the security standards set forth by the Commonwealth.  If you do not want MAM policies applied to your personal device, please do not install or access Commonwealth apps or data on that device.

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