Domestic Violence Instructor Certification

A Guide to the qualifications required to become certified as a Domestic Violence instructional trainer. The Certified Domestic Violence Instructor must renew their certification every three years, prior to their anniversary date.

Table of Contents

Level II - Assistant Domestic Violence Instructor

Level II Instructors may assist in MPTC domestic violence courses in which they have attended the train the trainer.

To meet this level you must have:

  • Five years as a full time police officer
  • Actively responding to domestic violence calls
  • Thoroughly familiar with Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Guidelines
  • Department is an active member of high risk team
  • Current in field/best practices; risk assessment & strangulation worksheets
  • Must attend yearly trainings/conferences in subject topic
  • Has completed instructor development program
  • Successfully completed the domestic violence specific train the trainer
  • Approved to co-instruct with level 3 or 4 instructor at MPTC and satellite academies
  • Must have a minimum of one year assisting with level III instructor
  • Eligible for compensation by MPTC with current contract

Level III - Lead Domestic Violence Instructor

Level III Instructors are Lead Instructors, responsible for dissemination of MPTC curricula and mentoring and evaluating Level II instructors.

  • Has successfully completed all of the Level 2 requirements
  • A level 2 must be recommended by Level 3 or 4 instructor to proceed to next level. 
  • Final approval given by MPTC Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Coordinator
  • Once approved as a Level 3; they may be the lead instructor in MPTC and satellite academies
  • Eligible for compensation by MPTC with current contract
  • Current in field/best practices
  • Must attend yearly trainings/conferences in subject topic

Level IV - Master Domestic Violence Instructor

Due to their unique purpose, there is only a limited number of Level IV instructors; who are appointed by the discretion of MPTC

  • Have attended train the trainer programs for all levels of domestic violence courses
  • Approved to teach in all levels of domestic violence
  • Has been a level 3 instructor for several years
  • Member of domestic violence advisory board
  • Must attend 50% of advisory board meetings to maintain this level
  • Must attend yearly updates/conferences in subject topic
  • Eligible for compensation by MPTC with current contract

Register for Instructor Certification Training

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Investigator Instructor Certification expires three years from the date of issue.

In order to comply with and maintain instructor certification you must complete recertification training before the anniversary date every three years.

There are no Domestic Violence Instructor train-the-trainer scheduled at this time.

Retired Officers

Instructors who have been retired for two or more years cannot be certified unless they can demonstrate how they meet the criteria listed below:

  • Must be a subject matter expert; main focus of expertise
  • Provide documentation of yearly trainings/conferences in subject matter
  • Current with best practices and legal updates
  • Reviewed status yearly

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