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Water Conservation for Educators

Massachusetts schools and teachers play a critical role in the future of water conservation by helping students become more aware of water as a precious natural resource, and by providing ways to take an active role in conserving it.

This section contains a series of ideas, activities, programs and materials about water conservation for all grade levels.

Table of Contents

Education Programs by Grades


We’ve gathered a series of tools and activities to help children become water conservationists for life! 

Watch a video!

We suggest you begin by sharing the Why Water is Worth It!  video created by the Water Environment Federation for grades 1-5

WaterWorks Activity Book

Created by the The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority education program (MWRA), the WaterWorks activity book is a professionally developed water conservation activity book for third and fourth graders.

Classroom activities for third and fourth grades flyer

Curriculum Guides and Classroom Activities Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Schedule an MWRA Classroom Presentation

The MWRA includes classroom presentations on water related subjects conducted by expert educators.  Topics range from Down the Drain (wastewater) to building a water system to The Day the Water Stopped.  Check out the MWRA’s class presentations topics and applicable grades. Note: your school must be in a town/city that is part of the MWRA service district. The link provided lists MWRA communities.

grades 6-8

Middle school students are at the perfect age to dive into the fascinating world of water and why it’s so important to conserve it. 

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority created Water Watchers - a 6 lesson water activities curriculum that lets middle schoolers explore where water comes from, the process for treating and delivering it, how much water we need and use and even the power of hydraulic systems! 


flyer: classroom activities for a middle school curriculum

Curriculum Guides and Classroom Activities Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

In addition to the Water Watchers curriculum, we also suggest the following activities for developing young water stewards and conservationists:

  1. Install a Rain Barrel 
  2. Arrange a field trip to your local water plant
  3. Create a water conservation awareness program
  4. Visit a local farm or cranberry operation
  5. Invite the MWRA to give one of their many classroom presentations on all things water related. Learn more about MWRA classroom presentations. Note: your school must be in a town/city that is part of the MWRA service district. The link provided lists MWRA communities


grades 9-12

Today’s high school students are tomorrow’s environmental stewards.  There are a number of programs that can help educators harness and direct all that enthusiasm to the important challenge of water conservation. 

School Water Audit curriculum

The Arizona Project WET has developed a full STEM curriculum series to help students improve water conservation in their schools and homes, all while learning important math and scientific principles.  We can leverage this great curriculum for use here in MA, too!  Click here for background and resources from this program.

The Massachusetts Envirothon

For more than 30 years, a network of Massachusetts scientists, educators, local officials, policy makers, business people, resource managers and community activists and parents have dedicated themselves to preparing the next generation of environmentally literate, concerned citizens and professionals.  Their primary initiative is the annual Massachusetts Envirothon competition, a statewide program that culminates in student led presentations on pressing environmental issues.

Learn more about how your students can participate in the Massachusetts Envirothon program here.

For inspiration, learn about the great work achieved by the Rockland High School Envirothon Team!

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