Apply for a Municipal Fiber Grant

Cities and towns can apply for a Municipal Fiber grant

Sean Cronin, Senior Deputy Commissioner

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What you need for Apply for a Municipal Fiber Grant

Municipal Fiber Grant application period is now closed.

You need the passcode that was included in the letter from Lt. Governor Karyn Polito sent via email to your organization's chief executive on August 10, 2022 in order to fill out the application. The Chief Executive is the Mayor or City Manager in a City, Town Manager/Administrator in a Town, Selectboard Chair if no Manager/Administrator. Please see the designated Chief Executive for your organization before seeking to complete an application on your organization’s behalf.

If you have questions not answered above or your organization’s Chief Executive needs assistance with a passcode, please contact the DLS by sending an email to Sean Cronin at

How to apply Apply for a Municipal Fiber Grant

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Application Instructions

Step 1Eligible Entity: Choose the name of your community from the drop down list.

Step 2 – Contact Information: Include the contact’s name, title, phone number, and email. This should be the person who can be reached if there are questions about your grant application.

Step 3 – Grant Contract Signatory: Identify the person who would sign a grant contract if grant awarded.

Step 4 – Multi-jurisdictional application: Please check this box if this application is for a project with two or more eligible entities seeking to undertake a regionalization/shared services or other IT grant project together. You will then enter the names of the other participating entities. The participating communities should submit one joint application. The application should be submitted by the entity that will be the project lead.

Step 5 – Grant Amount Requested: Please enter an amount. Grant requests from a single government entity of up to $250,000 or from multiple (two or more) government entities of up to $500,000 will be considered. Optionally, following this, please indicate any other sources of funds available, if applicable.

Step 6 – Purpose: Describe the proposed project, including purpose of the grant request, the capital asset needed, project objectives, and the challenges this project would address.

Step 7 – Benefits: Identify project benefits including efficiencies, cost savings, enhanced service delivery, and/or improved public access to local government services.

Step 8 – Cost Impact and Sustainability Plan: Identify any new costs that will be incurred and how the costs will be paid for or offset, including ongoing operational costs. Describe how this new initiative will be financially viable for the long-term once established.

Step 9 – Measures of Success: What defines success for this project? Describe how the success of the project will be evaluated. Include expected measurable improvements in service delivery or efficiency.

Step 10 – Project Budget: Provide a detailed and realistic project budget estimate. Include breakdown of amount requested by activity/task.

Step 11 – Project Timeline: Provide a timeline for the proposed project.

Step 12 – Submission: Once you have completed the application, please click the submit button. You will not be able to save or review your application once you hit submit. You will receive notice via email confirming your application.

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