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Apply for the Buy Local grant program

Find out information and how to apply to the Buy Local grant program.

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The Details   of Apply for the Buy Local grant program

What you need   for Apply for the Buy Local grant program

What is a Buy Local program?

The Buy Local program is a campaign that strengthens the marketing potential of agricultural businesses and agricultural products in western, central, northeastern and southeastern Massachusetts; and that any buy local effort shall include locally‐harvested seafood including, but not limited to, fish and shellfish.

Buy Local campaigns:

-Develop programs that provide an economic advantage to farm businesses and food producers in the marketplace

-Engage a variety of partners to develop effective business tools that expand and support agriculture’s vital role in the health of the community

-Develop programs that inform and engage community members about the long-term sustainability of Massachusetts farms and farm products

-Help implement goals of the Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan (mafoodsystem.org)

-Increase production, sales and consumption of Massachusetts-grown and produced foods.

Who May Apply?

-Buy Local nonprofit organizations that support local agriculture and farms and have two (2) or more years of experience expanding consumer purchasing of locally grown or produced products in Massachusetts.

What do you need?

-Request for Response (RFR). See COMMBUYS link below to download the Request for Response (RFR). This document outlines and explains all details, requirements, and instructions for the Buy Local Grant program.

How to apply   Apply for the Buy Local grant program

Download the Request for Response (RFR) listed on COMMBUYS, and follow the instructions to create a proposal. The RFR will provide information, all necessary criteria, and detailed instructions for application requirements.

Link to COMMBUYS:  https://www.commbuys.com/bso/external/bidDetail.sdo?bidId=BD-21-1002-1003-001-62960&parentUrl=activeBids

All applications must be received electronically, by Friday, June 11, 2021, at 2:00 pm.
Failure to provide any of the materials listed below may result in the disqualification of the Proposal.
Email all documents to: Robert.Monahan@mass.gov.

More info   for Apply for the Buy Local grant program

It is highly encouraged that organizations that submit proposals have developed successful programs that encourage the purchasing of local agriculture. These programs are commonly referred to as “Buy Local” program initiatives, and proposals should include projects that add to these efforts.

Proposals must seek to meet one or more of the following objectives (as stated in Section 2- Performance and Contract Specifications) using either qualitative analyses or qualitatively describing how each objective contained within the applicant’s proposal shall be accomplished.

  • How will the proposal increase the cash receipts for farmers from local sales of agricultural products or other locally produced products from primarily local ingredients grown or made in the proposal’s respective region of the Commonwealth;
  • To increase recognition of Massachusetts agriculture in a specific region (western, central, northeastern or southern) of Massachusetts by collaborating with agricultural/ commodity associations and/ or community initiatives to cross-promote efforts in that particular region;
  • Will the work contained within the proposal attract regional partners among traditional and nontraditional  groups to support and promote agriculture in the region of the Commonwealth, including but not limited to, leveraging other dollars; 
  • Where appropriate, will the proposal encourage collaboration across multiple proposals to accomplish similar goals and reduce duplication of effort to achieve a similar outcome which benefits the farmer/producer and/or the agricultural industry;
  • How well does the proposed projects include work to promote or connect to the other Massachusetts regional “Buy Locals,” along with “Massgrown and fresher” brand;
  • Final Reports from previous MDAR grant initiatives have been submitted in a timely manner consistent with the requirements of the grant initiatives goals; and/or 
  • Successful completion of previous ‘Buy Local’ project initiatives.

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