City/town and other awarding authorities prequalification process

To receive an official list of prequalified contractors, Cities/Towns & Other Awarding Authorities (OAA) need to take these steps before bidding a horizontal construction project.

Prequalification Committee

The Details of City/town and other awarding authorities prequalification process

What you need for City/town and other awarding authorities prequalification process

Regardless of funding source, once a project requiring MassDOT prequalification is advertised for bids, only contractors that appear on the eligible approved prequalified bidders list for the class of work chosen by MassDOT and for the total project value (inclusive of any costs associated with alternates & extensions) may submit a bid.

Municipalities proposing multiple year options should advise vendors that the initial contract term is for one year. Awarding Authority reserves the right to extend the contract for two (2) additional 12 month options. Valuation for purposes of MassDOT Prequalification is based on first year times three (3) to arrive at an estimated total prequal contract value. Contractors who are not prequalified to provide the services listed for the total Prequal. contract value, but meet the single year waiver threshold, without documented poor performance issues, and want to bid, should submit a waiver request at least 2 weeks prior to the bid opening to allow for time to appeal in the event that a waiver is not granted. The estimated value provided in this Invitation to Bid is for one year. Vendors are expected to be able to provide their services over three (3) years at three (3) times the initial estimated value.

We need the following information before you accept bids on advertised contract(s)/project(s):

  • City/Town & OAA Prequalification Request Form
    • The form should identify the project, value, bid opening date, and contact information.
    • Submit an individual form for each project and/or number of contract awards.
  • Item List with estimated costs to determine the total project value for the duration of the project (inclusive of any extension options)
    • We will use this list to determine the prequalification Class of Work.
    • Include the Engineer’s estimated values.
  • Scope of Work
    • Submit a detailed, narrative scope of work for each contract(s)/project(s) to bid/awarded.
  • Legal and/or Central Register Advertisement
    • Provide a copy of the legal advertisement that is going to be used for the contract(s)/project(s).
  • Submitted and signed State Aide "Chapter 90 Project Request Form" (if the project is Chapter 90 or state funded)
    • Refer to:
    • The City/Town & OAA should not accept copies of a contractor's prequalification certification form as evidence of their current prequalification status.
    • Provided all the above steps have been completed, we will provide a prequalified bidders list prior to and up to the day of the bid opening.

We need the following information after the bid has opened:

  • The Apparent 3 Lowest Bidders form for confirmation that there are no prequalification violations

How to apply City/town and other awarding authorities prequalification process

Email your application to:

Mail your application to:

MassDOT, Highway Division
Prequalification Office
10 Park Plaza, Room 6260
Boston, MA 02116 


Downloads for City/town and other awarding authorities prequalification process

Contact for City/town and other awarding authorities prequalification process

MassDOT Highway Division (Prequalification Office)
10 Park Plaza, Room 6260, Boston, MA 02116