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Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program

How to apply to the Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program.
This program is not currently accepting applications. 

Laura J. Maul

The Details of Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program

About this program for Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program

The Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program provides reimbursement grant funding for the implementation of bog renovations that promote more efficient bogs both in design and production while enhancing the business and environmental sustainability of the cranberry operation. Awards are limited to $15,000 per acre up to a maximum of $75,000. 

How to apply Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program

This program is not currently accepting applications. 

All applicants are advised to allow adequate time for submission of their proposal by considering online impediments like internet traffic, internet connection speed, file size, and file volume. MDAR is not responsible for delays encountered by applicants or their agents for local hardware failures, such as computers or related network issues associated with bid compilation or submission. 

This program is not currently accepting applications. 

This program is not currently accepting applications. 

Next steps for Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program

  1. Determine your eligibility

    To be eligible for consideration under the Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program applicants must meet the following requirements:

    • Applicant must be an agricultural operation as defined by M.G.L. c. 128, § 1A that are principally and substantially engaged in the business of cranberry production for commercial purposes;
    • Applicant must own the property upon which the project will be implemented or be a Co-Applicant with the owner, who has a legal interest in the land whether by deed or written agreement and approval. The property must be in active agricultural use and managed as a commercial enterprise by the Applicant for at least the three (3) years previous to the date of application;
    • Are legally recognized entities within the Commonwealth and have the ability to enter a legally binding agreement with the Commonwealth;
    • Are bogs greater than one (1) acre in size and in agricultural use as set forth in 310 CMR 10.04; 
  2. Review the Request for Response

    Before applying, please read the Request for Response below. It provides a comprehensive summary of grant evaluation criteria, review timelines, award recipient expectations, eligible uses of grant funds, and examples of project ideas.

  3. Prepare the information you need to submit an application

    You will need to provide the following as part of your application: 

    • A summary of your cranberry business, details of the renovation you are proposing, and the environmental benefits associated with the proposed project.
    • A description of the design and installation for the proposed renovation. 
    • Your justification for how the proposed renovation will improve productivity and sustainability for the cranberry operation. 
    • How the renovation will be maintained after completion.
    • Your work plan and timeline for the project.
    • An itemized project budget, including any matching funds.
    • Additional documentation in the form of quotes, maps, balance of funding, and a NRCS Conservation Plan if available. 
  4. Submit your application

    Submit your application by one of methods listed above. Applications can be submitted by completing the online application, by e-mail, in-person, or by mailing. 


  5. MDAR reviews your application

    MDAR will evaluate all applications submitted by the deadline and will makes award decisions based on the eligibility and evaluation criteria specified in the Request for Response. Estimated awards will be issued in November 2022.

  6. Sign a grant agreement with MDAR

    If your operation is selected to receive a grant MDAR will issue you an award letter and contract documents that specify the terms and conditions of your award. You will need to sign a Standard Contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a Grant Agreement with MDAR before making any purchases related to the project.

  7. Project reimbursement

    At the conclusion of your awarded project submission of acceptable documentation is required for reimbursement. Documentation in the form cancelled checks, receipts, invoices, etc. for costs associated with approved projects must be submitted to MDAR and approved prior to reimbursement.  MDAR may publish information and images from your project on its web site or agency social media as examples for other operations engaging in similar projects.

    Unless your operation demonstrates significant need during the process, your grant funds will be distributed in one lump sum upon conclusion of your project. 

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