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Enter your catch in the Saltwater Catch & Release Derby

Want to enter the saltwater catch & release derby? Read on to learn how to register your catch.
Your entry must be received within 30 days of catch and postmarked no later than Dec. 10. We present awards at the New England Boat Show in Boston the following year.

Division of Marine Fisheries

The Details

What you need

To enter your catch in the Derby you will need a:

  • Derby entry form
  • Measuring device
  • Camera or phone capable of taking photos
  • Printer 

How to enter

  • Download and print the official Derby entry form.
  • Measure your catch to the nearest half inch.
  • Take a clear photo of your catch on the measuring device to show the total length of your catch. Submit your photo with the official entry form.
  • Mail the form within 30 days of catch to:

Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Derby
1213 Purchase St., 3rd Floor
New Bedford, MA 02740



John Boardman, Aquatic Biologist & Derby Coordinator
1213 Purchase Street, New Bedford, MA 02740


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