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How to File a Complaint of Discrimination

You may file a Complaint at any of our four offices, which will launch a formal investigation by the Commission.
Investigations take 18-22 months on average to complete.

MCAD Boston Headquarters

The Details

What you need

If you experienced discriminatory treatment, you may file a Complaint at any of our four offices. No appointment is necessary. Filing is on a first come first served basis.

Persons with a disability who are unable to file a Complaint in person may contact us to request alternative filing arrangement.

How to file

You may file a complaint in person at one of our four offices across the Commonwealth.

Intake Interview

When you arrive, you will need to fill out an intake form and then meet with an MCAD representative to discuss what happened to you. This is a private consultation called the "Intake Interview," which is the initial step in the Complaint Process.

After you briefly explains what happened, the intake officer will make an initial determination as to whether the MCAD can investigate the case.

You will then be able to tell us what happened. The Investigator uses the facts gathered from this discussion to write a complaint which you will need to verify and sign in order to officially file the Complaint.

We have found that an in-person meeting with an MCAD representative produces a more thorough Complaint; however, you may mail in a Complaint that complies with our regulatory requirements for filing a complaint.

If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney may mail in a complaint on your behalf.

You must include the following information for your complaint to be complete:

  • A simple narrative of what occurred.
  • Identify similarly-situated co-workers or individuals who were treated differently.
  • Be specific as to dates and events.
  • Include any documentation that you believe supports your complaint.
  • Sign and Date your complaint.

The MCAD generally requires in-person filing. However, persons with a disability who are unable to file a complaint in person may contact us to request alternative filing arrangements.

To request an accommodation, please contact the MCAD at 617-994-6171.

Next steps

What Happens after you File a Complaint?

Once a Complaint is received and the MCAD determines that it can be accepted, the Commission will launch a formal investigation, which is the initial step of the Complaint Process.


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