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How to pay your Stop Work Order (SWO)

If you are issued a Stop Work Order because you did not have workers' compensation insurance, this is how to pay it.

Office of Investigations

The Details   of How to pay your Stop Work Order (SWO)

What you need   for How to pay your Stop Work Order (SWO)

Before proceeding to pay your fine, did you contact the Office of Investigations at (857) 321-7406 to get the actual amount you owe?

Fees   for How to pay your Stop Work Order (SWO)

  • Fines accrue daily from the date the Stop Work Order (SWO) is issued up to and including the date of confirmation of a valid policy is presented to the DIA Office of Investigations and all fines are paid.
  • Fines accrue over weekends and holidays.
  • If you appealed the Stop Work Order and wish to withdraw your appeal, you need to submit an SWO appeal hearing withdrawal form that is properly signed and dated.
  • If you are claiming that you have no employees, a certificate of employments status form must be completed.
  • If you are filing an Exemption of Corporate Officers (Form 153), the form must be filed with our office and approved alongwith a completed certificate of employments status form prior to paying the fine.
  • You can contact our office at (857) 321-7406 and we will be glad to assist you with filing these forms along with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your Stop Work Order. We can also collect the fine over the phone.

How to pay   How to pay your Stop Work Order (SWO)

You can pay using a credit card via our Stop Work Order Portal.

You can call (857) 321-7406 and give your credit card information.

Contact   for How to pay your Stop Work Order (SWO)

Lafayette City Center, 2 Avenue de Lafayette, Boston, MA 02111-1750
(617) 727-7749

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