MA Hemp License Renewal

Renew your license to grow or process Hemp in Massachusetts.
Most people hear back 3-4 weeks after submitting their renewal.

MA Hemp Program

The Details   of MA Hemp License Renewal

What you need   for MA Hemp License Renewal

To maintain your current Hemp license, you must apply for renewal between October 1 and December 1. 

To complete a Hemp license renewal application, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Review the Hemp Production Regulation (330 CMR 32.00) and the 2024 Hemp Processor Policy to understand the program requirements, risks and additional considerations, and be aware of any changes to the Policy from the previous year.
  2. Review the USDA Final Rule for U.S. Domestic Hemp Production. 
  3. Download, complete, and sign the appropriate renewal form. There are three types, see below. 
  4. Provide a map for each growing and/or processing site. Regardless of whether your application includes new and/or previously licensed sites, a map for each site must be included with your renewal. See instructions in the Downloads section of this page. 
  5. If you are applying for a Producer or Dual License, provide an FBI Identity History Summary report for each New Key Participant current to within 60 days of your renewal submission. Reports are kept on file for 3 years. New/updated FBI reports must be submitted every 3 years. Processor-only applicants are not required to submit an FBI report. 
  6. FBI reports must be obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and should be included with your application: For more information on obtaining your FBI report, please see the guidance document in Downloads section of this page. 
  7. Submit a $100 renewal application fee by check or money order, payable to "Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

MA Hemp licenses are NOT TRANSFERRABLE. If there are any changes to your license such as: new applicants, name changes, or business name changes, your license will be ineligible for renewal and a new application must be submitted. Changes to proposed hemp growing and/or processing locations do not require a new license.

Table 1. Hemp License Renewal Applications and Fees by Type

Renewal Application

Renewal Fee (non-refundable)

License Fee

Producer (Grower)






Dual Producer/Processor



How to renew   MA Hemp License Renewal

Between 10/1 - 12/1 you can send your license renewal application along with the $100 non-refundable renewal application fee to:

MDAR Hemp Program 
225 Turnpike Road; Room 302
Southborough, MA 01772

More info   for MA Hemp License Renewal

Hemp licenses must be renewed between October 1 - December 1. Late renewals are not accepted after April 30. 

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